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Mobility and applications conceptYou may be sitting there thinking, “Well, if some new killer technology comes to apps tomorrow, I’ll just build an app then. Why waste my time and energy today when it’ll basically do the same thing as my website?”

Let me ask you a question: Which is easier?

Getting 100,000 new people to find, download and sign up for your app,
getting 100,000 people who have already downloaded your app to update it?

I hope that you would say it’s easier to update your app. After all, you already have their email address, and the platforms themselves prompt people to keep their apps up to date.

Even if you do nothing more than deliver a native reading experience for the content on your existing website, you can at least start building your app’s install base today.

And with that install base will come ratings, comments, feedback and usage metrics that build trust and credibility with the platforms in the same way that aged links do with older websites.

Then when the shift happens and consumers are looking for apps with that killer new feature, you can focus on simply updating your app with the new feature while your competition scrambles to find a developer who can start building them an app from scratch.

NOW as a business owner, Blow your customers mind by sending them ‘push notifications’.
Imagine a law firm sending a message to people who downloaded their app “Get your free legal consultation today” or a restaurant or any service oriented business sending out “GEO LOCAL updates to potential customers that have downloaded their app”.

Imagine a local restaurant sending out INSTANT EMAIL SPECIALS OR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to anyone around the Area on a Slow Day?

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